• Easy interface which requires as few as five clicks to sign up
  • Optional email reminders, which include a link to cancel the reservation
  • Flexibility through the administrative end to change many features, such as:
    • Number of courts
    • Length of reservations can be changed to any amount of time (an hour, half-hour, or 7 minutes are equally easy to set up)
    • Opening times, closing times, and holiday hours
    • Course schedules, course cancellations, and closing of individual courts
    • Number of days in advance a reservation can be made
    • Easily modified announcements page for news [example], and Contact Info page [example]
    • Administrator can add, delete, and reschedule users
    • A modifiable list of user accounts
    • Different security permissions for administrative users, like "can make unlimited reservations" or "can sign up other people"
    • Courts can be blocked as "First-Come, First Serve" [example]
  • A week view for a quick overview of open times [example]
  • Optional printable certificates for the sports
  • "My Reservations", which displays all future reservations for a user
  • Reservations for classes, like Spinning and Aerobics classes, which has a optional waitlist for high-demand courses [example]
  • An calendar for off-court special events events like tournaments, balls, or official meetings [example]
  • Use existing userIDs/passwords with several variants of Kerberos and SSH (available at most universities, testing for your site available upon request)
  • Users can change their email address and password through the front end
  • In the rare case a problem develops, the bugs are automatically reported to the developers, which insures speedy fixes for any of your problems
  • Technical support is done by the designers -- if it's a problem, they'll know how to fix it
  • Very secure -- part of the code underwent rigourous security testing.
  • And many more!

For more information about using the software at your site, you can also see the technical specifications and software requirements to run the software on your server.

For more in-depth info, try the demo.