Research and Testing

The system was developed at the Carnegie Mellon Human-Computer Interaction Institute with an eye towards usability -- it's the easiest reservation system available.

During development, the team members put about a thousand man-hours of usability research into the final product, testing the real system on real users.

What do users think?

The results of a survey to the Carnegie Mellon community were very positive. Over a hundred people responded:

91% of users rated the system as Easy.

82% of users spent less time making reservations in the new system.

In addition, interviews with the administrator showed that the new system halved the time it takes for administrators to manage the reservations.

84% of users think that the online system is more conveneient than the paper system

82% of users were satisfied with the system (and 8% were neutral)

What do users say in their comments? Most comments were very positive, with few complaints. The biggest complaint was that the court schedules were more packed and it was harder to find a free slot -- 22% of comments were by users who felt that more people were making reservations than ever before!


"It's an excellent system. Fast and set up really nicely."

"No suggestions. I think this is a splendid replacement for the paper based system."

"Everything is fine the way it is and much more efficient than doing things on paper."

"I am so glad you made this happen."


Key parts of ReserveSport's software have undergone rigourous testing for security leaks. None were found. Software based upon the core library code underwent a month-long security test using U.S. Military security standards -- and they approved that software package for military usage.